Dish Wash Bar by Planet Detox


Zero waste | Plastic-free | Cruelty-free | Vegan | 100% natural | Sustainable materials | Handmade in UK

This plastic-free and 100% natural alternative to washing up liquid is a must-have for all eco-friendly kitchens! It’s made with lemon syllabub and is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial.

The soap cuts through dirt and grease to leave glassware, cutlery, pots and ceramics sparklingly clean.

Simply lather it up with a plastic-free kitchen sponge!

Handmade in Totnes, Devon, UK

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Ingredients & packaging

Ingredients – Crystal SLES/SLS free soap base, organic cider vinegar with mother, sodium olefin, lemon oil

Packaging – Paper sleeve, paper wrap, paper tape

Shorebox’s packaging is 100% plastic-free. We use recycled cardboard boxes, paper stuffing and paper tape.

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